2016 — now

From ad to lead, from lead to customer (support). Handle the entire customer journey in chat.

Billing overview in a workspace.

Material design snackbars.

Prototype of adding components in the chat editor.

Prototype of showing a help sidebar in the chat editor.

Inbox icon progress.

Inbox details including filters and a conversation list.

A snapshot of an Inbox conversation.

Logo by Parra. Logo animation by Circus Family.


february — june 2016

Graduating project on improving the user experience of Tesla’s Model S.

Car dashboard framework. Built with help from Niels Mulder.

Although steering was not interactive, the dashboard proved exciting and helpful for user testing.

A prototype of the instrument cluster in the Tesla Model S.

Painting the dashboard for a more finished look.

2 iPads and 1 monitor powered by 1 MacBook.

I was able to pay a visit to the Tesla Factory in Tilburg.

A mockup photo of the dashboard and my prototypes.

A mockup photo of the instrument cluster and my prototype.

Presenting the project at UX-Congress in Frankfurt.



Random and out of context shots from various projects made over the years.

Security stickers to stick on bikes and valuable items.

Safari mockup made in Sketch.

An Amsterdam emoji flag. Hit me up on Whatsapp if you'd like it.

Apple TV remote drawn in Sketch.

2016 Snapchat photo interaction.

Yellow and red cards for Slack.

Notebook drawn in Photoshop.

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